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YoUr MoM --- 7 years ago -

In the Normandy housing area playground on Fort Bragg at around 10 o'clock pm a ghost of about a 10-year-old child comes out to 'play'. The Street lights of the surrounding area and Park lights mysteriously flicker on and off while there was no one in the playground and they are movement censored lights.
This has not Only happened to me and my friends but others and even my grandmother when she was a child living here.
Submitted by Anonymous
Categories: children, lights, park, playground, fort

West luzon drive ghosts on fort bragg. Many residents of base housing on West luzon drive experienced seeing the ghost of a woman and a Man go through Walls and experienced poltergeist like activity.
The woman was dressed in period like clothing and the Man was dressed as a soldier.
The housing has since been torn down and replaced with newer housing.
Submitted by Army
Categories: man, lady, fort, poltergeist

the late 1960's there was quite a few sightings around the ammo storage area of what the older locals called the Manchester monster. The description of this creature is the same as that of the western bigfoot. There was reports in the Fay. Observer about the sighting of the creature and a story about the Manchester monster in the Paraglide. The Area around the ammo storage facility is off limits and is a massive swamp area from Black Jack rd. (Riley road)to the Manchester area on Ft Bragg. Met home owner that saw the creature in neighbors yard.
Submitted by anonymous
Category: creatures

There's nothing remarkable on the subject of Fort Bragg, North Carolina during the day, but some long buried
people from long ago have returned here. Moonlight hour is undead time in this place. Not everyone has faith in the stories the locals tell, but anyone who has spent the night in Fort Bragg, North Carolina knows better. 

Whistle Blower --- 7 years ago -

that's pretty cool! 

YoUr MoM --- 7 years ago -

I like ghosts. I wanna talk to one lol! Maybe not the mean ones, but even the mean ones would be cool to talk to to figure out why they are there.....I mean like the soldier and his wife walking threw walls ssssssssoooooooo cooool! Were they killed on Bragg? Why are they there at bragg......I like crap like that. 

Twice is Nice --- 7 years ago -

You are by yourself on that one! That crap freaks me the heck out. Even more so that I watched Secrets in the Walls last night! CREEPY!!!! 

jlgg --- 1 years ago -

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