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Flight time from Germany to Pope AFB?

who's talking here?

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Naughtyboo --- 8 years ago -

Finally he made it to Germany from Afghanistan :) I need to know how long it takes from Germany to Pope?  

thatlady --- 8 years ago -

it all depends sweets. Is it direct or layovers? I had a flight from germany to NYC and it was like 13hrs 

Naughtyboo --- 8 years ago -

It is straight through I tried looking p online and most ppl are saying 8 hours but some say 10. He is supposed to leave tonight at 8 our time and with bringing the baby with me I need to know a better time frame if possible since I don't have an ID card I have to go through the whole search process. 

thatlady --- 8 years ago -

I did a search and if it's direct, weather is great, etc etc the max time is 9-10 hrs. If you have to go thru gate check and stuff, then getting there an hr before should suffice. 

Naughtyboo --- 8 years ago -

TY so much :) I guess if he is leaving at 8pm tonight maybe I should leave here at 4:30am then or 4? I'm out here by Raeford Rd walmart. Has anyone had to get a pass lately to get onto Pope? How long does it take? 

Sneez --- 8 years ago -

Is he leaving at 8 our time or 8 in Ramstein? It does vary between about 8 and 10 hours depending on many factors including the exact route they fly, weather, and so much more. 

jlgg --- 1 years ago -

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